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Hello! and welcome to a community where you can claim anything from an anime! It could be a character, a weapon, an animal, clothes, songs WHATEVER!


Just read these rules and Have Fun!

1. Please make all claims as a new entry! One (1) claim per person/user. ONLY ONE! (amount of claims may subject to change during contests)If you link my community in your user info you recieve one (1) extra claim.
2. Moderators get Two (2) claims
3. Make sure you're claim is not on the Claim List before you request it.
4. Be sure to state where your claim is from. If you'd like use this form to make it easier, you may.

Category: Game/Anime/Manga/ETC
**Also please include what it is you are claiming wether it is a character or a piece of clothing ETC**

5. Respect others and the community; keep profanity, flaming, flirting, etc to a minimum level.
7. Follow the rules or any requests by the opposing user WILL be ignored!
8. Please do not trade claims!
9. Please don't beg! I feel really bad when I have to turn people down so try to avoid it.
10. You cannot claim a characters counterpart. If they have an evil side for example. You must claim the actual character if its not already taken. (ex. Inuyasha is a character with 3 different forms Human, Demon and Hanyou. Once he is claimed... His counterparts are claimed as well) If your character has another form PLEASE TELL ME! So that I don't give it away.
11. Do NOT advertise on my community...that's just rude
12. I don't mind changing claims but please don't make a habit of it. ^-^ I also don't tell you when you've recieved your claim so when you post, assume it's yours unless I tell you otherwise.

In the subject area type "Ready to Claim" So that I know you read the rules!

Thank You for your cooperation and HAVE FUN!

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